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San Rafael, California is the home of McNear Brick & Block. They are one of California’s oldest commercial brick manufacturer specializing in Thin Brick and Full Clay Brick that is made from at least 40% recycled materials.
McNear offers complimentary Clay Brick products including Paver Solid / Standards, Splits 9" & 11.5" Bullnose Bricks, and Thin Bricks in all of the following colors:

Balmoral Paver
Balmoral Thin Brick
Black Hills Thin Brick
Cotswold Paver
Cotswold Thin Brick
Embarcadero Paver
Embarcadero Thin Brick
Greenhills Paver
Greenhills Paver
Green Hills Thin Brick
Peacock Paver
Peacock Thin Brick
Red Common Paver
Red Common Thin Brick
Redhills Paver
Red Hills Thin Brick
Rustic Paver
Rustic Thin Brick
Sacramento Rustic Paver
Santa Fe Rustic Paver
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