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Not all manufactured stone veneer is created equal.
Creative Mines crafted masonry veneer line, developed a superior mix design composed of 70% post-industrial content that eliminates the need for the smokestack-produced fly ash other manufacturers use. Instead, they use pure, natural pumice pozzolan that enhances natural color and strength, minimizes efflorescence, resists sulfate attack, reduces permeability and improves durability.
Explore Craft masonry manufactured stone and brick veneer options below.

Sandollar Craft Carved Rectangle

Carved Rectangle

Sandollar Craft Carved Rectangle, new
Biscuit Raft Chiseled Rectangle

Chiseled Rectangle

Biscuit Raft Chiseled Rectangle, new

Craft Board Form

Saltspray, Sycamore, new
Modern Craft Paintgrade Block™

Craft Paintgrade Block

Modern Craft Paintgrade Block™, new

Craft Split Modular

Blacktruffle, Fogbank, Rustbelt, new
Sandollar Craft Urban Rectangle

Craft Urban Rectangle

Sandollar Craft Urban Rectangle, new

Craft Urban Strip

Winterfall, new

Craft Weathered Plank

Barrelstave, Milkpaint, new