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if you haven’t been to our Showroom, what are you waiting for? For a snapshot, here is the latest in color, texture and design for projects using brick.

Eldorado’s Chalk Dust Tundra Brick

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Eldorado’s Chalk Dust Tundra Brick

Classically shaped profile with slightly chiseled and worn texture.

Pacific Clay color wheel with 6 stocking colors

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Created for designers, inspired by the natural resources of the California coast,

Pacific Clay color wheel with 6 stocking colors.

General Shale (Robinson Brick Co)

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We love authentic Old Brick Originals from

General Shale (Robinson Brick Co)

which uses clay from the Rocky Mountains. Some of our favorites:

Northern California’s McNear brick

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Looking for locally produced brick with 30-100% recycled content?

Northern California’s McNear brick

offers many options, but we think their Sand Molded and Old California series stands out for their texture, rustic and classic looks.

Livermore Yard: Reclaimed Bricks from San Francisco

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Looking for a reclaimed brick?

Call our Livermore yard and inquire about our “National” Reclaimed Bricks from San Francisco.

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Click the image to get the

PBM brick patterns

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