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A fine-grained, extrusive (volcanic) rock, intermediate in color and composition between basalt and rhyolite.


One or more coatings of a compound that is impervious to water applied to a surface above grade.


Small blocks or tooth-like projections on an entablature.

Dentil Course

The lower part of a cornice where dentils normally appear. The cornice is jointed to allow machine production of the dentils.

Dimension Stone

Stone pre-cut and shaped to dimensions of specified sizes.

Dolomitic Limestone

A limestone rich in magnesium carbonate, frequently somewhat crystalline in character. It is found in ledge formations in a wide variety of color tones and textures. Generally speaking, its crushing and tensile strengths are greater than the oolitic limestones, and its appearance shows greater variety in texture.


A cylindrical metal pin used in aligning and strengthening joints of adjacent stones.

Dressed or Hand Dressed

The cutting of rough chunks of stone by hand to create a square or rectangular shape. A stone which is sold as dressed stone generally refers to stone ready for installation.


A recess cut under a spill or projecting stone to throw off water, preventing it from running down the face of a wall or other surface, such as windows or doors.


An open or unhealed joint plane not filled with calcite and not structurally sound.

Dry Wall

A stone wall that is constructed one stone upon another, without the use of any mortar; generally used for retaining walls.

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