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Stone Glossary

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Term Definition
Gang Sawn

The granular surface of stone resulting from gang sawing alone.

Gauged Or Gauging

A grinding process that results in the uniform thickness of all pieces of material to be used together.

Glass Seam

A narrow glass-like streak occurring in stone; a joint plane that has been recemented by deposition of transluscent calcite in a crack and which is structurally sound.

Grade Course

The beginning course at grade level, generally waterproofed with a damp check or damp course.


The easiest cleavage direction in a stone. "With the grain" is the same as "natural bed." Also, the composition and texture of particles, crystals, sand, or rock.


A fine to coarse-grained, igneous rock formed by volcanic action and consisting of quartz, feldspar, mica, and accessory minerals. Granite-type rocks include those of similar texture and origin.


Stones that have been metamorphosed or otherwise so altered that they have assumed a distinctive greenish color owing to the presence of one or more of the following minerals: chlorite, epidote, or actinolite.


Mortar of pouring consistency.

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