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Stone Glossary

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Term Definition

A hard, dark-colored glassy phase of lava.


A stone profile with a reverse curved edge: concave above, convex below.

Onyx Marble

A dense, crystalline form of lime carbonate deposited usually from cold-water solutions. Generally translucent and shows a characteristic layering due to mode of accumulation.

Oolitic Limestone

A calcite-cemented calcareous stone formed of shells and shell fragments, practically non-crystalline in character. It is found in massive deposits located almost entirely in Lawrence, Monroe and Owen Counties, Indiana and in Alabama, Kansas and Texas. This limestone is characteristically a freestone, without cleavage planes, possessing a remarkable uniformity of composition, texture and structure. It possesses a high internal elasticity, adapting itself without damage to extreme temperature changes.


The introduction into a rock of siliceous material in the form of opal, a hydrous silicate.

Out of Wind

To have the arris or edge of an external angle of a stone not in parallel or perpendicular lines. Stone which is out of wind has an irregular or rustic appearance

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