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A small flat slab or surface of stone especially one bearing or intended to bear an inscription.


A pattern for repetitive marking or for a fabrication operation.


A type of concrete in which chips or pieces of stone, usually marble, are mixed with cement and are ground to a flat surface after setting, exposing the chips which take a high polish.


Three dimensional surface enrichment independent of color.


Dimensional allowance made for the inability of men and machines to fabricate a product of exact dimensions


Curvilinear mullions or openwork on windows, window heads, stone panels, etc

Travertine Marble

A variety of limestone regarded as a product of chemical precipitation from hot springs. Travertine is cellular with the cells usually concentrated in thin layers that display a stalactitic structure. Some that take a polish are sold as marble, and may be classified as travertine marble under the class of "Commercial Marble."


A flat stone used as the top walking surface on a step.


A projecting rectangular block used in series in a classical Doric frieze, distinguished by three vertical bands separated by shallow V-shaped grooves. Triglyphs alternate with plain or sculpted panels (metopes).


Stone used as decorative items only, such as sills, coping, enframements, etc., with the facing of another material.

Trimmer Arch

A stone arch, usually almost flat, used for supporting a fireplace hearth.


Cemented volcanic ash; many varieties included.

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