Brick Glossary

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1. The exposed surface of a wall or masonry unit.

2. The surface of a unit designed to be exposed in the finished masonry.


Any material, forming a part of a wall, used as a finished surface.


The expanse of wall between openings, corners, etc., principally composed of stretchers.

Filter Block

A hollow, vitrified clay masonry unit, sometimes salt-glazed, designed for trickling filter floors in sewage disposal plants. See ASTM Specification C 159.

Fire Clay

A clay which is highly resistant to heat without deforming and used for making brick.

Fire Resistive Material

See Non-combustible Material.


Any material or combination protecting structural members to increase their fire resistance.


1. A thin impervious material placed in mortar joints and through air spaces in masonry to prevent water penetration and/or provide water drainage.

2. Manufacturing method to produce specific color tones.


A depression in the bed surface of a brick. Sometimes called a panel.


A method of finishing the interior face of a masonry wall to provide space for insulation, prevent moisture transmittance, or to provide a level surface for finishing.