Brick Glossary

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Salt Glaze

A gloss finish obtained by thermochemical reaction between silicates of clay and vapors of salt or chemicals.

Saturation Coefficient

See C/B Ratio.

SCR (Reg U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA))

Structural Clay Research (trademark Of the Structural Clay Products Institute, BIA).

"SCR acoustile" (Reg U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA) Pat. No 3,001,6O2): A side-construction two-celled facing tile, having a perforated face backed with glass wool for acoustical purposes. "SCR brick" (Reg U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA)): Brick whose nominal dimensions are 6 by 2 2/3 by 12 in. (Reg U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA)): "SCR building panel" (Reg U S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA) Pat. No. 3,248,836): Prefabricated, structural ceramic panels, approximately 2 1/2 in. thick. "SCR insulated cavity wall" (Reg U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA)): Any cavity wall containing insulation which meets rigid criteria established by the Structural Clay Products Institute (BIA). "SCR masonry process" (Reg. U.S. Pat Off., SCPI (BIA)): A construction aid providing greater efficiency, better workmanship and increased production in masonry construction. It utilizes story poles, marked lines and adjustable scaffolding.


Clay which has been subjected to high pressures until it has hardened.

Shoved Joints

Vertical joints filled by shoving a brick against the next brick when it is being laid in a bed of mortar.

Slenderness Ratio

Ratio of the effective height of a member to its effective thickness.

Slushed Joints

Vertical joints filled, after units are laid, by "throwing" mortar in with the edge of a trowel. (Generally, not recommended.)


A masonry unit of normal face dimensions, having a nominal 2 in. thickness.


The underside of a beam, lintel or arch.


Clay products which have been fired at low temperature ranges, producing relatively high absorptions and low compressive strengths.

Solar Screen

A perforated wall used as a sunshade.


A stretcher set on end with face showing on the wall surface.


A small fragment removed from the face of a masonry unit by a blow or by action of the elements.


Any structure or part thereof which contains a flue or flues for the discharge of gases.

Story Pole

A marked pole for measuring masonry coursing during construction.


A masonry unit laid with its greatest dimension horizontal and its face parallel to the wall face.

Stringing Mortar

The procedure of spreading enough mortar on a bed to lay several masonry units.

Struck Joint

Any mortar joint which has been finished with a trowel.


See Initial Rate of Absorption.