Brick Glossary

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Masonry units which do not meet the standards or specifications and have been rejected.

Damp Course

A course or layer of impervious material which prevents capillary entrance of moisture from the ground or a lower course. Often called damp check.


Prevention of moisture penetration by capillary action.

Dog's Tooth

Brick laid with their corners projecting from the wall face.


A projecting piece of material, shaped to throw off water and prevent its running down the face of wall or other surface.


See Engineered Brick Masonry.


The normal distance between the centroidal axis of a member and the parallel resultant load.

e1/e2: Ratio of virtual eccentricities occurring at the ends of a column or wall under design. The absolute value is always less than or equal to 1.0.

Effective Height

The height of a member to be assumed for calculating the slenderness ratio.

Effective Thickness

The thickness of a member to be assumed for calculating the slenderness ratio.


A powder or stain sometimes found on the surface of masonry, resulting from deposition of water-soluble salts.

Engineered Brick Masonry

Masonry in which design is based on a rational structural analysis.


1. The exposed surface of a wall or masonry unit.

2. The surface of a unit designed to be exposed in the finished masonry.


Any material, forming a part of a wall, used as a finished surface.


The expanse of wall between openings, corners, etc., principally composed of stretchers.

Filter Block

A hollow, vitrified clay masonry unit, sometimes salt-glazed, designed for trickling filter floors in sewage disposal plants. See ASTM Specification C 159.

Fire Clay

A clay which is highly resistant to heat without deforming and used for making brick.

Fire Resistive Material

See Non-combustible Material.


Any material or combination protecting structural members to increase their fire resistance.


1. A thin impervious material placed in mortar joints and through air spaces in masonry to prevent water penetration and/or provide water drainage.

2. Manufacturing method to produce specific color tones.


A depression in the bed surface of a brick. Sometimes called a panel.