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Calculate Your Natural Stone Needs with Our Online Calculators

Welcome to a central hub for all your building material calculation needs! Whether you're a landscape contractor, a professional builder, or just someone dabbling in home improvement projects, our specialized calculators are here to assist you in determining the precise quantity of materials you'll need for your project. No more guesswork or overspending on excess materials. Let's dive into what each calculator offers:

  1. Landscape Materials Calculator:
    • Purpose: Designed for gardeners, landscapers, designers and homeowners looking to enhance the aesthetics of their outdoor space.
    • Functionality: Calculate the amount of soil, mulch, gravel, or any other landscaping material you need based on the area you are looking to cover and the depth of material you want.
    • Benefit: Save money and reduce waste by purchasing the right amount of landscaping material the first time around.


  2. Stone/Brick Paver Calculator:
    • Purpose: Ideal for those installing pathways, patios, driveways, or any space requiring brick or stone paving.
    • Functionality: Enter the dimensions of the brick paver or cobblestone to get an estimate on the number of pavers required per square foot, factoring in standard spacing and waste. Additionally, you'll need to determine the amount of base material and joint sand needed.
    • Benefit: Efficiently plan your paver projects with accurate material counts, ensuring seamless installation and minimizing project delays.


  3. Cap Stone Calculator:
    • Purpose: Crafted for those focusing on wall projects, retaining walls, or any vertical structures requiring capping.
    • Functionality: By inputting the linear feet or the dimensions of the wall, this calculator provides an estimate for the number of capping stones required. It even factors in common configurations and overlaps to guarantee a snug fit.
    • Benefit: Achieve a professional finish to your walls by ensuring you have the right number of capping stones without any shortage or surplus.

Start your next building project with confidence. Use our calculators to streamline your process and achieve flawless results!

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