Residential Paving & Paths

Photos and ideas for garden paths, outdoor pathways using flagstone, pavers, crushed granite and gravel, precast pavers, brick and porcelain pavers. PBM has materials for your backyard pathway, garden or walkway.

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Residential Paving & Paths

We've got you covered. Browse our wide selection of products and ideas.

American Stone Bluestone Full Color (Landmark)

American Stone Bluestone Blue Select (Landmark)

Cremino Travertine

Cameron Cream Calstone Pavers

Full Range Bluestone Path | Photo Courtesy of: Lifescape

Cameron Flagstone

Bluestone Garden Pathway

Charcoal Quartzite Flagstone & Italian Bluestone Bush Hammer finish

Blue Stone Treads | Photo Courtesy of: Rika Ellis and Torres Landscaping


Sonoma Fieldstone & Flagstone Steppers

Cameron Flagstone Paving & Cameron Stair Treads

Stepstone Narrow Modular Pavers

Charlestowne Pavers

Calstone Quarry Stone Pavers & Sonoma Gold Veneer & Caps | Photo Courtesy of Clint Dyer

Stepstone Modular Paving

Italian Bluestone Hammer

Bluestone Flamed Ashlars

Calstone Cobble Paver (Cream Tan Brown)

French Vanilla / Antique Yellow | Photo Courtesy of: Ryan Gentry Photography

Full Range Bluestone Dimensional

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  • Upgrade your outdoor fireplace this winter. Reach out to PBM for more information and materials needed.
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  • Want to help replenish the quality of local waterways and remove pollutants in the process? Permeable pavers are a proven solution for many pedestrian walkways, patios and driveways. To find the right permeable paver for your needs, reach out to a PBM product specialist who can educate you on the best fit for your project.
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  • McNear Mosiac Retaining Wall
  • Gold Gravel & Philadelphia Cobbles
  • Eldorado Firebowl Stepstone Plank Paving
  • McNear Mosiac Retaining Wall
  • Carmel Gold Flagstone
  • McNear Mosiac Retaining Wall
  • Gold Gravel & Philadelphia Cobbles
  • Charcoal Quartzite Flagstone

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