Residential Exteriors

Looking to add exterior stone veneer or cladding for a home?

Our gallery has many ideas to get inspired. Explore the photos for different styles including panels, ledgestone, brick, mosaic, ashlar in both natural stone and manufactured stone

natural stone veneer: Fond Du Lac Tailored Blend & Cut Stone
Chalkdust TundraBrick - Modern Collection exterior of the front of the home. Brick is cream to off white color.
Natural Stone: Coursed Walnut Travertine for exterior walls
Natural Stone: Chateau Gold Limestone for exterior walls; tuscany gold
Natural Stone: Salado Limestone Blend for exterior walls
Coral Stone Fossil Reef Cultured Stone by Boral
Pacific Ashlar Full Bed ledge stone is a traditional masonry profile with a deeper thickness that gives exterior and interior surfaces a more dynamic look.
Natural Stone Granite for exterior walls and driveways
Pacific Ashlar Stone Veneer - K2 Stone
Jerusalem Gray Gold Limestone Tiles for exterior decks
Willow Creek Veneer, Full Range Bluestone Flagstone
Natural Stone: Sonoma Cream Thin Limestone Veneer
Cream & Gold Limestone Blend for exterior walls
Jerusalem Grey Gold is a stunning historic limestone featuring a blend of cool grey and golden honey tones.
Oyster Cut Coarse Stone® - Eldorado Stone Cut Coarse Stone is reminiscent of a saw-cut Turkish Limestone.
Natural Stone: Moose Mountain Ashlar Full Thickness
Fond du Lac Panels - Sawn, Sanded & Coursed for exterior walls.
Tumbled-McGregor-Lake-Ledge-wall stone for exterior walls
Flint Hills Mottled Natural Thin Veneer Stone for exterior walls
natural stone veneer: Fond Du Lac Tailored Blend & Cut Stone
Standard Buff stone veneer siding
Manufactured Stone: Stacked Stone Facade Silver Lining for your home.
Canyon Creek and Glacier Mountain Blend Thin Veneer Full Stone Landscape
natural stone Fond Du Lac Tailored Blend, 13.25 inch height, Tumbled
RoughCut Casa Blanca stone siding. RoughCut mimics limestone.
natural stone Manor Blend wall stone Exterior yellow osage limestone
natural stone South Bay Quartzite wall stones for exterior walls
Manufactured and natural stone for residential exteriors
natural stone: Villa Blend tumbled stone for exterior walls (Yellow Osage Limestone)
Stacked Stone Daybreak & Marquee24 Dove Tail
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Residential Exteriors

Explore stone, brick, and metal exterior architectural cladding ideas.

Chalkdust TundraBrick -Eldorado

Coursed Walnut Travertine

Chateau Gold Limestone

Natural Stone Limestone Blend

Cultured Stone by Boral

Natural Stone Veneer

Granite Natural Stone Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer – K2 Stone

Natural Stone Limestone

Locally Sourced Natural Stone Veneer

Sonoma Cream Limestone Veneer

Cream & Gold Natural Stone Limestone Blend

Natural Stone Veneer

Oyster Cut Coarse Stone By Eldorado Stone

Natural Stone Veneer

Fond du Lac Panels (Sawn, Sanded and Coursed)

Natural Stone Thin Veneer

Natural Stone Veneer

Fond Du Lac Tailored Blend & Cut Stone

Standard Buff

Silver Lining by Eldorado Stone

Canyon Creek and Glacier Mountain Blend

Fond Du Lac Tailored Blend, Tumbled

Manor Blend Exterior | Photo Courtesy of Ryan Gentry Photography

Natural Stone Veneer Dry Stacked

Fond Du Lac Country Squire & Villa Blend Veneer

Villa Blend (Yellow Osage Limestone) | Courtesy of Carrington Stone Masons

Stacked Stone Daybreak and Marquee24 Dove Tail

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