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Cast Fit

Cultured Stone Cast-Fit® brings understated European luxe to modern design.

From large estates to commercial high rises, the Cast-Fit stone veneer with its muted colors makes this a sophisticated choice.The large shape and size makes a statement on any wall.

Available dimensions (approximately) 7.625″ H x 15.625″ L and 11.625″ H x 23.625″ L.

Large format color selections:

Carbon: Sleek and modern, carbon cast-fit contains subtle shifts of brighter and darker tones within a single grey color tone.

French Gray: This rich, warm colorway blends subtle, natural hues to create a neutral tone that complements a variety of architectural designs.

Parchment: A result of the combination of three shades of cream – the cool, modern color of Parchment™ makes it compatible with many structures and styles.

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