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Jerusalem Grey – Gold

Adding Limestone to your home can enhance its appearance and sense of permanence.

Our Jerusalem limestone is of the finest quality limestone you can buy. Jerusalem Limestone is a supreme quality limestone that has been widely used throughout the years for many commercial and residential projects worldwide. Aside from its inviting warm tones that can be easily blended, it is available in a wide variety of sizes including cut to size and complicated details as well as distinctive smooth and textured finishes.

Design your space with Jerusalem stone and create a unique appearance. Use with or without a grout joint to compliment a traditional, contemporary or farmhouse style home.

Our stock thin veneer stone has a lovely rough split face surface which contrasts beautifully with the stone’s delicate colors of buttery yellows and sun bleached greys.

L-Shaped corners are available. Also, complimentary window sills and trim which completes the veneer.

Stop by our Mountain View Showroom to see it on display or call for a sample. You won’t be disappointed.

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