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Marbella Ledgestone

A Sedimentary Argillite from America’s Southwest. Just North of Phoenix Arizona is Cave Creek a small town high in the Sonora desert nestled at the base of Black Mountain. It is a beautiful part of the country and is home to a very handsome Thin Veneer, Marbella Ledgestone.

This Sedementary Sandstone displays a Southwestern palette with earthy, dusky, colors of tranquil greys, sage greens with a touch of sandy neutrals and tawny coppers all with a matte finish.

The surface is a mixture of textures with rough exposed weathered edges perfect to be used with a very contemporary project to highlight the complementary but opposing character of the clean lines or with a very traditional project emphasizing its horizontal angles with a raked or smooth tooled grout.

This ledgestone comes in varying heights.

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