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RoughCut ® – Modern Collection

Eldorado Stone introduces a fresh new color to their classic RoughCut profile: Loire Valley. Loire Valley RoughCut’s profile brings fresh hues to the rugged texture of RoughCut. It allows designers the opportunity to incorporate color gradients of ivory and muted creams with touches of sand and rust while mimicking limestone with its embedded, fossilized artifacts and roughly cleaved, pronounced face.

RoughCut’s profile is used on the exterior facade, interior kitchen, fireplace, accent wall and many more applications. Shaped for bold, traditional statements with clean contemporary lines, RoughCut ranges in heights from 2″ to 11″ and lengths from 2″ to over 18″. Corners are available.

The color profiles: Autumn Leaf, Brunello, Casa Blanca, Loire Valley, Moonlight, Vineyard Trail. Check out our Gallery for more inspiration or request a sample today.

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