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Window Sills

Looking to cap a wainscot stone veneer with a wainscot sill or a window sill trim for the perfect architectural treatment? We have architectural stone sill caps to match beautifully with a variety of stone veneers. Visit our Showroom or one of our material yards to find the perfect finishing accessory for your wainscot sill or window sill.

Wainscot / Window Sills

Connecticut Blue Stone
48″ Rock face Blue Select / 48″ Rock face Full Range / 48″ Flamed Blue Select / 48″ Flamed Full Range

Limestone (Silverdale)
48″ Honed / 48″ Pitched

MG Home Caps
Copper Classic 18 ” / Desert Haze/Sunrise Gold 18 ” / Rustic Canyon/Blue Creek 18 ”


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