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Bluestone Select

When looking to infuse natural beauty into your outdoor design, consider using Bluestone Select, an exceptional product from Peninsula Building Materials. Bluestone Select is a collection of natural bluestone pieces, handpicked for their captivating blue hues, ranging from deep indigo to light azure. This selection process creates a unique, consistent color palette, enhancing your landscape’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Bluestone Pavers

Our Bluestone Select pavers come in two stunning finishes, natural cleft and thermal, to match various design schemes. The natural cleft finish, with its uneven texture and raw appeal, creates a timeless, antique look. On the other hand, the thermal finish offers a modern touch, achieved by employing high temperatures for a uniform, rough texture.

This versatile natural stone is perfect for upgrading outdoor spaces like patios and walkways. Bluestone Select pavers are ideal for creating elegant patios, charming natural stone pathways, or even sophisticated poolside landscapes. When combined with your creativity, each piece of Bluestone Select can transform your outdoor space into an enchanting haven.

To effectively utilize Bluestone Select in your landscaping project, read about how bluestone upgrades a patio or walkway with natural stone. Bluestone Select, with its cool blue-grey color and stately character, provides a serene atmosphere and sophisticated touch to any landscape.

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