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Bluestone (Full Range) NC

Explore the timeless beauty of our Bluestone Natural Cleft Full Range, a testament to nature’s artistry and durability. This unique finish is achieved through a traditional quarrying process where the stone is split along its natural layers, revealing a rich tapestry of textures and subtle variations. The result is a surface that boasts an authentic, rustic charm, making it a favorite for both classic and traditional design projects.

Our Bluestone Natural Cleft is available in a variety of shapes, including both irregular and dimensional pieces, ensuring versatility for any project. Whether you’re crafting a bespoke patio, a serene garden pathway, or an elegant entryway, our standard Ashlar sizes are designed to support a multitude of patterns and design aesthetics.

Landscape architects and designers particularly value our Bluestone for its diverse color palette and the unique textural finishes it offers. From the deep, soothing blues and greys to the warm earth tones that emerge under different lighting, Bluestone Natural Cleft Full Range provides an unparalleled natural beauty that enhances any space.

Discover more about the advantages of incorporating Bluestone into your next project by visiting our Design & Build Blog focusing on how Bluestone Upgrades A Patio or Walkway With Natural Stone. Unleash the potential of natural stone and let our Bluestone Natural Cleft Full Range transform your design vision into reality.

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